AFAM Conference Guidelines for Presentations

Full papers have been allocated 90 minute sessions and presenters should share the time and leave room for discussion. It is intended that presenters and the chair/discussant for each session will have read each other's papers in advance and should arrange to send the papers to each other.

Full paper presentations will be made using a laptop and data projector. You will be asked to bring your presentation to the event on a memory stick, for use on the day, along with sufficient copies of a slide handout for your audience.

The structure of the Professional Development Workshop (PDW) sessions will be as agreed upon by the Track and Conference Chairs for 90mins. PDW sessions are designed to be interactive. It is advisable that all PDW sessions should stick to the times allocated so that they do not run into scheduled sessions.  

Presenters can also submit Symposium Proposals. A symposium proposal should include an overview of the session and a summary of the presentations for each presenter. The proposal can also include a discussant. Symposium sessions will be 90 minutes.

Poster presenters can begin setting up 30 minutes before the start of their scheduled posters session.  Staff members will be available during set-up to provide authors with materials for mounting data and illustrations. All posters must remain on display for the duration of the poster session.

Posters must be attended by the author/s for the first 40mins of the poster session, at minimum.
 Once your poster session concludes you can begin to remove your poster. Tear-down must be completed no later than 30 minutes after the poster session has ended. Posters left up after the tear-down period will be removed for disposal. AFAM is not responsible for any lost or damaged posters.

You must provide an abstract of your paper and illustrations in a size and format suitable for poster display. It is also suggested that you prepare brief statements of the purpose of your work, your experimental methodology and design, and the major results of your findings and their implications.

Abstracts and illustrations must be readable from distances of 3 ft. or more. Text should be printed from a laser printer, in a font size large enough to read from that distance. Keep illustrations simple. Limited use of color, however, can add emphasis. Any photograph should be a minimum of 8 in. x 10 in. Minimum size for all other illustrations is 9 in. x 12 in. 

The rooms allocated for Full Papers and Professional Development Workshops Presentations will have a laptop, data projector and screen available. Please note: delegates will need to bring their presentation on a USB data stick and arrive early to upload their presentation onto the laptop. This is to ensure presentations are uploaded successfully and to allow enough time for any technical difficulties that may arise. Delegates can also bring any materials they wish to distribute to other delegates during their presentation. AFAM suggests bringing 20 copies for distribution. 

Please see below the session timings allocated for every delegate’s presentation

Full Papers 25 minutes allocated for Presentation and Discussion
Panel sessions 90 minutes allocated
Workshops 90 minutes allocated
Poster Presentation 45 minutes allocated

Please see below the session timings allocated for every delegate’s presentation.

Technical Information

All rooms, which have a laptop, data projector and screen available, will be installed with following packages from Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Delegates therefore must ensure the file type of the presentation is fully compatible with Microsoft Office.

Laptop and Printing Facilities

Please note: those that want to use Apple Macs and iPads will need to have their connecting cables as these would not be supplied by the conference. Further you will have to bring your own electrical adapters given that the voltage in Botswana is different. They will not be free printing, delegates will have to pay for printing.

Internet Access

There will be complementary computers set up at media centre for internet access. Please be cautious of others and limit your time to 10mins or less to check your emails. Wi‐Fi available for purchase at the computer lab for $10 a day. Please ask registration for information if you would like to pursue this option.