Tips for finding a good home loan lender

With many home lenders available all over, identifying the right one is not always a simple task. The fact that you are dealing with money should make you be keen with every step that you take. Thanks to the internet, you can get all the information that you want from the comfort of your house. All that you need is to take time and do a thorough research. This article provides you with a clear guideline that will ensure you can find the lenders.

Tips for finding a good mortgage lender

Evaluate their services

Once you are done doing extensive research, the next thing is to identify those lenders that you think are the right ones. Take time to evaluate their services and also the terms and conditions associated with their services. One important thing that you should always understand is that a good lender should offer a wide range of services. In fact, this is supposed to tell you that they have been in the industry long enough to provide you with the information that you might need to make an excellent decision. FHA 203k Lenders are one of the best home lenders that are known to provide wide range of services.

Check the lender’s credentials

This is very important if you are interested in finding a perfect lender. There are several companies that are taking the advantage of ignorance on the side of the new people coming into the industry to exploit them. The best ways of ensuring that you do not fall in the hands of the bad guys are by thoroughly checking their credentials. Sometimes doing this on you might be a bit challenging. You can always find experienced financial experts to help you through the entire process.

Customer’s feedback

You have heard the common saying that no man is an island? Well, this is the right place where you are supposed to apply that saying. One of the best ways that you can use to identify a good lender is simply consulting. Talk to those people who have used different lenders before and get to what they think. You can also read the online reviews that available on the different websites. Find out what is the customer’s perceptions on the lender that whose services you are considering to use. One thing is for sure, a lender with many positive reviews is likely to provide you with the quality services that you seek. The reverse of that is also very true.

Why a divorce can ruin your finances

Studies show that most of the time first marriage would often fail, which leads to a divorce. For some people, it’s the only way out, for some, it is a threat. Should you get a divorce? Here we have listed several reasons why a divorce can ruin your finances. The choice is yours and your spouse to make in the end, but we hoped that by reading this article, it could change your mind about divorcing your marriage.

cashIt costs a lot to get divorced

A divorce will set you free, but the cost is not. There’s a lot of fees to pay when you’re getting a divorce starting from attorney fees (which can vary depending on where you’re from), mediation costs, neutral evaluation fees, and court costs (which varies as well). To make matter worse, if there’s property or real estate involved in the divorce, there are also refinancing costs and record deed fees. There’s also some taxes that you have to pay.

Tip: another way to keep the cost low is to act fast on your separation, attorney fees can go higher the longer you stay dawdling in your divorce case.


One of the worst financial things to happen when you’re getting a divorce is the assets. There’s a lot of cases where a married couple saved together to buy a house together, under the name of the husband or the wife. When a divorce is happening, debate or an argument on who keeps the asset will be most likely to occur. The legal ways of dealing this are by dividing the assets, which means you’re losing half of the assets that you have. azoury financial have advice on how to prevent this from ruining your finances.

Tip: another tip on dividing your asset is to sell your house so that both you and your ex can have the money distributed equitably, without one arguing to have more.


Once you’re divorced, you’re going to deal with child support, whether you’re getting the custody or not. These fees consist of school activities, health care, tutors and even after school activities. The most expensive part of this is when your kids are going to college, which is still counted as a fee that you have to pay. Don’t forget that you still need to eat, and pay your bills, this is one of the reasons why a divorce can ruin your finances.


Seven Tips For Hiring An Expert Tax Prepper

Are you facing challenges preparing your tax return for filing? Are you considering someone to do all the dirty work on your behalf? Have you picked the right tax preparer for the job? Well, when you decide to hire a tax preparer its recommended that you make your decision wisely as it can lead to legal proceedings as well as hefty fines and penalties. You can make the process of choosing a tax preparer more accessible by putting the following points into consideration before making your decision.


Qualification of the tax preparation expert

You must work with a well-qualified tax preparation experts, or you increase the chances of your tax returns not being processed. Furthermore, your chosen tax preparer should be working with a professional tax preparation firm. Moreover, that is not all. Your tax preparer must have the required educational qualifications to calculate your returns accurately.


History of tax prepper

Try as much as possible to stay away from tax preppers with a tainted history. It is a clear indication that they do not provide quality services to their clients. If you crave to find out more about your tax preppers history you can check with the local authorities, accountancy boards or bar associations to confirm that no disciplinary measures have been taken against the tax prepper in question.


Service charges

You do not have to part with an arm and a leg to get the best tax preparation services. You should get quotes from different tax preparation agencies to find reasonably priced services. Tax preparation experts recommend that you work with companies that provide you with unmatched services at flat rates instead of percentage-based payments.


Electronic filing

Gone are the primes when you had to file paper returns. Many taxpayers today choose to use the internet to file their tax returns. The ugly truth is that electronic filing saves the environment by minimizing wastage of paper. E filing allows you to handle less paperwork in your office or room. This comes with lots of conveniences. Thus when hunting for a tax preparation agency, you should find out whether they will provide you with e-filing services or not.



The tax preparation experts you choose to work with should provide their services round the clock if possible. They should be available for their clients even after the filing of taxes so that you can contact them if you might have any burning questions. If they are not available, then the chances are that you will get stressed instead of getting the answers that you need.



If you need the tax preparation expert to file accurate tax returns, you must make sure that you provide them with all the required documents related to your accounts as well as taxes. The materials include the entire financial records of your mind and an organized collection of your receipts.


Signing the return

Even after hiring an expert prepper, you need to guarantee that they have done their work to perfection. As a rule, always go through the finalized tax returns before signing and filing them with the HMRC. Never put your sign on a blank tax form before the preparation of tax returns because the chances are that a mistake might occur. If you have any queries about the filing of your tax return here is the UK Tax Office Contact Number for more assistance.


Tips for forex beginners

Forex trading is quite popular but also the riskiest. Currency trading offers you the opportunity to earn a lot of money. In fact, foreign exchange is the largest market in the world, and it is unique for several reasons. The good thing about this market is that traders do need qualifications and anyone does not control it. Also, the market cannot be manipulated in any given way. This makes it great for beginners. Money which is traded in this market moves quite fast such that no investor can affect the price of major currencies. There are always willing sellers and buyers.

It is important for beginners to understand that earning profits is not easy as they may think. If you do not have adequate expertise, right guide, and appropriate tools, you are likely to find yourself with a financial drain in your pockets. It is advisable to take forex for beginners course first. The following are some factors to consider:

Research is key

we4 forex beginners The majority of forex beginners consider research as a boring and tedious. It is necessary to understand how the forex market works before you start to trade. If you are new to a given platform, you need to understand how it works. For instance, you should know the currencies, the timeframes, the lots, and the way to determine pips. Forex beginners should research before they start to invest their savings. They need to improve their skills and gain knowledge. In any business, you should start small and grow.

Robots can help

Beginners are discouraged from trading manually. This is because the market is unpredictable. Rather, they ought to try various forex robots for a start. The good thing about these robots is that they designed by professional traders. Thus, they can correctly predict the movements in the market. It is like having an expert to show you where to sell or buy.

Demo account

tg252 forex beginners t5Nearly all forex trading platforms know that there is emotion involved. If you lose a trade, you need to avoid chasing your losses. Also, avoid being greedy when winning. This is because overreaction blocks the clear thinking of Forex beginners. It can also shake their money management and even increase the trading risks. Remember that forex is just like gambling. If you try to trade without carrying analysis or even studying the market, it can backfire. As you know, games are a lot of fun if you are not losing money.

Why you should consider a fast cash loan ?

How Fast Can A Cash Loan Benefit Me?

There are numerous legal moneylenders in Singapore; however, SE Investment is among the most reliable. Money loaning is a sort of business provision by most PRs and Singaporeans, especially for exigent commitments. In contemporary time, there is a huge selection of moneylenders to select from through the Internet. You can always look them up on search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

With wider varieties, you can choose one of the best moneylenders around town possessing the most friendly terms and conditions.Singapore moneylenders specify a few up-front recommendations for fast cash loans. You ought to have reached the least possible age prerequisite which exceeds 21 years. Work prerequisites for upfront loans are not very strict. You primarily need to be hired for not less than three months and have a stable source of income to indicate income evidence to us.

After completing your finance application, you’ll be communicated to by our loan officers to plan a meeting in our office to finish the application process. As soon as the credit agreement is approved, you will obtain the money right away.

Whatever your class of revenue, having a spending plan and adhering to it is usually a headache. Fortunately, Singapore has made substantial strides in the commercial industry, and you can enjoy low premium rate personal loans deals to shield any arising gaps.

The major difficulty in regards to acceptance of financing is the absence of information. With more and more people being addicted to the web, financial institutions are now attempting to present this info to assist you in making the appropriate financial decisions. If you feel a little stuck in your investments, it’s time to gain some impetus via a personal loan.

persoal loan4

Take Advantage of the Lowest Personal Credit Facility Rates

Before citing the corporate experts of the past who enthusiastically defined credit facilities as a sign of financial disaster, ponder how markets have reformed. It does not matter whether or not you are in self-employment or business since these low premium rates might be only what you require right now.

As soon as you have confirmed to an alert lender that you possess stable revenue, then you’re all set. Your existing income is the fortitude point of bankrolling that you can acquire, more than four times your earnings. With low premium rates obtainable from SE Investment, you won’t be hampered by finances.


How Fast Personal Loans Can Unravel Your Opportunities:

Home improvement: In case you have constantly desired modern art-themed interior decoration for your household but cannot afford it, these loans provide you with an opportunity to renovate your home. Moreover, you can use the funds to purchase cutting-edge utilizations such as smartphones, Smart TVs, smart watches, among other things.

Education: The nation’s job market is gradually becoming combative and just the highly trained can endure. This is why you should up your game by enrolling in school through low premium personal loans which are generously available.

Fun on the side: Have you ever wondered about the experience of skiing on the French Alps? Now you have an opportunity to rest from the wearisomeness of your office by having a relaxing holiday. From America to Africa, you can explore the world and you can never feel pain reimbursing since these personal lends are flexible.

Auto financing: In case your aged Volkswagen appears to be declining under pressure, you can upgrade by acquiring the Mercedes that you’ve always desired? Personal loans could also be applied as auto funding loans too, besides they are simple to obtain with flexible reimbursement terms by SE Investment.

There is a lot more you can acquire from SE Investment, which is one the most reasonable low premium rate personal loan providers in Singapore. All you’re required to do is ascertain your needs, whether it’s an emergency or anything to enhance your life. As soon as you involve a dependable financier like us, the rest will fall into place smoothly.

persoal loan6

How to apply for a Low premium Personal Loan

To be entitled to an individual or personal loan, here is the eligibility criterion:


– Should be a permanent resident of Singapore with more than 21 years or a non-national with a legal work permit (S Pass)
– Photocopy of NRIC
– Authorized evidence of earnings: Be permanently working for a CPF involvement account statement for the past months or bank declaration, payslips, income tax for the past three months. For the self-employed, you should give a lawful proof of earnings and income tax reports.
– Tenancy agreement for non-nationals
– Not bankrupt
– Evidence of your address (handphone bill or PUB bill)


Finance management for small businesses

Running a small business is not an easy task. There are so many things that will need one’s attention. Among the major things to be dealt with is financial management. This is an important docket since finances are at the heart of the business. Below are some tips on financial management for small businesses.

Small business finance management

Creating a realistic budget


A budget is an important tool for running the business. The budget lays down the financial plan for the business to work on. It will help in guiding the owner what to do first depends on the money available after the apportionment has been done. One should ensure the business budget is one which is realistic regarding getting the money being budgeted for and even the apportionments being done should be realistic.

Treat the business as a separate person

The business is not one’s piggy bank, and it should not be treated as so. If possible, the business should maintain separate accounts from its owners. One should not develop the habit of taking money from the business and spending it on non-business activities. This calls for sticking to the budget so that one does not spend it on other activities. Also one should ensure they stick to their budget so that they do not create a shortfall in the business finances. If the business makes good profits, retain the profits and pay them out at the end of the year as dividends to yourself or together with the other co-owners.

Effective debt management

Debt needs to be managed effectively if the business is running on borrowed funds. This helps in ensuring that the debts do not run out of control. Before getting into any debt, the business owners should find out alternative means of financing the business other than debt financing. A thorough analysis should be done to ensure that the owners know the cost of the method of financing they settle for.

Reduce the operation costs

There are operational costs like the fixed costs which cannot be avoided. However, the other costs need to be managed so that they do not go out of proportion. Some of these costs include upgrading of machines used in the business. This may be necessary but should not be a priority. The business can still run on the machines it currently has then an upgrade can be done later in phases. The business should also not be in a hurry to increase the number of employees or expand too fast. Go a step at a time and fully utilize the people available.

Keeping proper financial records

The financial records are an important tool that will help the business to know how much it has made and how well it is doing. Without proper financial records, it becomes difficult to come up with the exact picture of the way the business is fairing on. If possible, the financial records should be audited to ensure that the final set of accounts is the true representation of whatever is happening in the business.

Common practices that will improve your finances

Second to relationships, finances are said to be too complicated to handle. One moment you have more than enough. The next moment you are in dire need of it that you’ll do anything to get it. That’s just how the cookie crumbles, but we can’t afford to accept it and be played. We have to make the very first move and watch our personal finance fall into place. Making the first move means that we have to be responsible in how we handle them. With time, they will follow your command and stop disappearing when you least expect it. One example is to spend only when you need to. The results of this responsible move will sweep you off your feet. You will even find yourself moving to a whole new, different level.

Managing your personal finance

How to handle your finances


Experts advise on the number one rule if living within your means. It would be absurd to splash money around like a celebrity yet your bank statements are wanting. There is nothing shameful about accepting to be coached in this particular area of your life. If anything, it’s a very bold move that is set to yield fruit very soon. Your advisor and mentor will let you know the common practices that will improve your finances. You must develop a keen sense of responsibility through every lesson. Watch as they take you places you have never been before.

Your role in finances

Even if you were to hire a renowned financial advisor, that wouldn’t be enough. You still have to take charge of your finances. Never let anyone outside of your home confines know how much money you have in the bank. Only your spouse is supposed to know that. This will avoid any possible messes that might be created later on.

Your most vital role is to ensure that you save every coin that is not in use. There is every sense in staying committed to this level of responsibility. We have heard it said before that if we are faithful in the small things, then we are assured of greater things. How awesome would it be to move from a smaller financial level to a greater one!

Treat yourself every once in a while

The whole point of this article is not to be miserly. When you read between the lines, you realize that you are required to be responsible with your spending. This can get quite frustrating at some point if you get too absorbed. It can tend to pile unnecessary pressure on you. One way to escape these pressures is to take some time off. Treat yourself to a vacation you’ll never forget. By the time you get back, you are ready to continue from where you left.

Pass it on

kjsdbvkjbaskdjvbjkasbdvkjsajkdbvkjsadjkvbkasjdvsadThe truth is, the journey of finances is not such an easy one. You’ll come across people who are going through the same thing. Be careful not to intrude into other people’s affairs. Only chip in with a word of advice when you are required to. You must have learned something during your lessons so pass it on to someone else.

Africa Academy of Management

Message from the AFAM President

The Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) held its inaugural conference on August 11, 2011 in San Antonio in conjunction with the annual Academy of Management meetings. AFAM is the culmination of three years of planning, discussion, and growth of the members of the Africa Management Research Group (AFMRG) which began meeting in 2008 at the Academy of Management meetings in Anaheim. AFAM is a welcome and logical follow up to the AFMRG which had been formed to promote management research and education about Africa. Unlike AFMRG which was narrow in focus, AFAM is broader because it aims to reach out to academics, students and practitioners in all regions of Africa and the diaspora.

Management knowledge can make a significant contribution to productivity and prosperity of a nation. Yet, there is a dearth of knowledge about management in Africa and several studies have identified the inadequate state of management research and scholarship about Africa relative to other regions of the world. Our mission is to help close this gap by promoting research and education about management and organizations in Africa.

We plan to focus on building and strengthening research capacity and education about management in Africa. This includes the mentoring of doctoral students, guiding and developing junior faculty, building collaborative networks among scholars, and advocating interest and focus on Africa. We plan to work closely with other academic associations and our sponsors in executing our mission.

AFAM is open to all individuals who have a scholarly or educational interest in advancing management knowledge in Africa. The principal criterion for membership is interest in the advancement of management knowledge in Africa. As a result, all academics, practitioners, and consultants are welcome to join. We invite you to become a member and to inform other scholars, practitioners, and consultants about AFAM and its goals. Membership fees are modest and have been scaled to fit different categories of membership. These fees will be used primarily to support costs associated with AFAM meetings, sponsorship of students and young scholars, and research capacity building events.

We hope you will consider joining AFAM. More importantly, we hope you will become an active member and contribute to advancing knowledge about management in Africa.