Supporting AFAM Biennial Conference 2016 and AJOM Journal

11 May 2015

Dear AFAM Members:

             The launch of AFAM’s inaugural issue of our journal, the Africa Journal of Management, is a critical intervention in moving towards our goals.  I hope you have had a chance to read the issue.  If not, there is a link to the first issue that you can access.  The success of the journal depends on receiving submissions.  Please share the news of this journal with your colleagues and also think about sending your manuscripts to the journal.  In addition to academic articles, we are also planning to include practitioner essays.  Your support is critical if we want to create knowledge about management that will contribute to the continent’s advacement. Recommend the journal to your libraries and ask them to subscribe as we advance knowledge for and about management in Africa that is timely, relevant and actionable.

In the article, “Why the Africa Journal of Management and Why Now?”, my co-authors, Dr. David Zoogah, Dr. Moses Acquaah, and I tried to expand upon the need for such a journal.  Issues of management in Africa and articles written by African authors continues to be quite small in the large body of published management literature.  In addition to describing the African context and its implications for management, we argue that we must be bold in inserting knowledge about management in Africa into the broader knowledge conversation.  We must generate indigenous knowledge about management in and for Africa and at the same time be bold enough to challenge existing canons.  That is, we can through our research push the boundaries of existing knowledge to make management knowledge more inclusive.   The opportunity to do this has never been greater.

As we approach the deadline for submissions for our 3rd Bi-ennial Conference to be held at Strathmore Business School (Strathmore University) in Nairobi, Kenya, I encourage you to submit a paper and/or organise a symposium or professional development workshop for the conference.  The Programme Committee is working hard to develop an informative and stimulating conference.  The best papers in each track will be further considered for publication in forthcoming issues of the Africa Journal of Management. In addition, we want to point out that Kenya is safe for our conference. The planning committee is well aware of recent terrorist events, and the local organizing committee has assured us that security has been beefed up at Strathmore University. Further, as we continue to monitor the situation, we have noticed several other conferences taking place without a hitch, including the IAABD held from May 11th also at Strathmore University. The recent visit of luminaries such as Secretary of State John Kerry, President Bill Clinton, and upcoming visit by President Obama in July assure us that the government is taking the steps necessary to secure the capital city and other parts of the country. So submit your papers and proposals, and rest assured that we will continue to monitor the security situation.

The Executive Committee and I appreciate your continued membership.  We are working hard to take AFAM forward.  Please assist us by spreading the news about AFAM, particularly the new journal and the upcoming conference. Encourage your friends, colleagues and those within your networks to become members and active participants in our exciting future. 




Stella M Nkomo,  President


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