Why a divorce can ruin your finances

Studies show that most of the time first marriage would often fail, which leads to a divorce. For some people, it’s the only way out, for some, it is a threat. Should you get a divorce? Here we have listed several reasons why a divorce can ruin your finances. The choice is yours and your spouse to make in the end, but we hoped that by reading this article, it could change your mind about divorcing your marriage.

cashIt costs a lot to get divorced

A divorce will set you free, but the cost is not. There’s a lot of fees to pay when you’re getting a divorce starting from attorney fees (which can vary depending on where you’re from), mediation costs, neutral evaluation fees, and court costs (which varies as well). To make matter worse, if there’s property or real estate involved in the divorce, there are also refinancing costs and record deed fees. There’s also some taxes that you have to pay.

Tip: another way to keep the cost low is to act fast on your separation, attorney fees can go higher the longer you stay dawdling in your divorce case.


One of the worst financial things to happen when you’re getting a divorce is the assets. There’s a lot of cases where a married couple saved together to buy a house together, under the name of the husband or the wife. When a divorce is happening, debate or an argument on who keeps the asset will be most likely to occur. The legal ways of dealing this are by dividing the assets, which means you’re losing half of the assets that you have. azoury financial have advice on how to prevent this from ruining your finances.

Tip: another tip on dividing your asset is to sell your house so that both you and your ex can have the money distributed equitably, without one arguing to have more.


Once you’re divorced, you’re going to deal with child support, whether you’re getting the custody or not. These fees consist of school activities, health care, tutors and even after school activities. The most expensive part of this is when your kids are going to college, which is still counted as a fee that you have to pay. Don’t forget that you still need to eat, and pay your bills, this is one of the reasons why a divorce can ruin your finances.


Common practices that will improve your finances

Second to relationships, finances are said to be too complicated to handle. One moment you have more than enough. The next moment you are in dire need of it that you’ll do anything to get it. That’s just how the cookie crumbles, but we can’t afford to accept it and be played. We have to make the very first move and watch our personal finance fall into place. Making the first move means that we have to be responsible in how we handle them. With time, they will follow your command and stop disappearing when you least expect it. One example is to spend only when you need to. The results of this responsible move will sweep you off your feet. You will even find yourself moving to a whole new, different level.

Managing your personal finance

How to handle your finances


Experts advise on the number one rule if living within your means. It would be absurd to splash money around like a┬ácelebrity yet your bank statements are wanting. There is nothing shameful about accepting to be coached in this particular area of your life. If anything, it’s a very bold move that is set to yield fruit very soon. Your advisor and mentor will let you know the common practices that will improve your finances. You must develop a keen sense of responsibility through every lesson. Watch as they take you places you have never been before.

Your role in finances

Even if you were to hire a renowned financial advisor, that wouldn’t be enough. You still have to take charge of your finances. Never let anyone outside of your home confines know how much money you have in the bank. Only your spouse is supposed to know that. This will avoid any possible messes that might be created later on.

Your most vital role is to ensure that you save every coin that is not in use. There is every sense in staying committed to this level of responsibility. We have heard it said before that if we are faithful in the small things, then we are assured of greater things. How awesome would it be to move from a smaller financial level to a greater one!

Treat yourself every once in a while

The whole point of this article is not to be miserly. When you read between the lines, you realize that you are required to be responsible with your spending. This can get quite frustrating at some point if you get too absorbed. It can tend to pile unnecessary pressure on you. One way to escape these pressures is to take some time off. Treat yourself to a vacation you’ll never forget. By the time you get back, you are ready to continue from where you left.

Pass it on

kjsdbvkjbaskdjvbjkasbdvkjsajkdbvkjsadjkvbkasjdvsadThe truth is, the journey of finances is not such an easy one. You’ll come across people who are going through the same thing. Be careful not to intrude into other people’s affairs. Only chip in with a word of advice when you are required to. You must have learned something during your lessons so pass it on to someone else.