Africa Academy of Management

Message from the AFAM President

The Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) held its inaugural conference on August 11, 2011 in San Antonio in conjunction with the annual Academy of Management meetings. AFAM is the culmination of three years of planning, discussion, and growth of the members of the Africa Management Research Group (AFMRG) which began meeting in 2008 at the Academy of Management meetings in Anaheim. AFAM is a welcome and logical follow up to the AFMRG which had been formed to promote management research and education about Africa. Unlike AFMRG which was narrow in focus, AFAM is broader because it aims to reach out to academics, students and practitioners in all regions of Africa and the diaspora.

Management knowledge can make a significant contribution to productivity and prosperity of a nation. Yet, there is a dearth of knowledge about management in Africa and several studies have identified the inadequate state of management research and scholarship about Africa relative to other regions of the world. Our mission is to help close this gap by promoting research and education about management and organizations in Africa.

We plan to focus on building and strengthening research capacity and education about management in Africa. This includes the mentoring of doctoral students, guiding and developing junior faculty, building collaborative networks among scholars, and advocating interest and focus on Africa. We plan to work closely with other academic associations and our sponsors in executing our mission.

AFAM is open to all individuals who have a scholarly or educational interest in advancing management knowledge in Africa. The principal criterion for membership is interest in the advancement of management knowledge in Africa. As a result, all academics, practitioners, and consultants are welcome to join. We invite you to become a member and to inform other scholars, practitioners, and consultants about AFAM and its goals. Membership fees are modest and have been scaled to fit different categories of membership. These fees will be used primarily to support costs associated with AFAM meetings, sponsorship of students and young scholars, and research capacity building events.

We hope you will consider joining AFAM. More importantly, we hope you will become an active member and contribute to advancing knowledge about management in Africa.